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Dana A. Glei, Ph.D., Research Consultant

Press Links

Saving Money May Lead to Longer Life, 'But Just Don't Smoke' (Medical Economics)

Smoking Reduces Wealth's Tendency to Increase Life Expectancy (University of California, Riverside)

Drug Epidemic Likely 'Killing More Americans than We Think' (Penn Today)

US Life Expectancy up for First Time in Four Years (United Press International)

US Drug Deaths Might be Twice as High as Thought (U.S. News & World Report)

10 years later, America's booming economy still bears scars of the Great Recession (CNN Business)

Mental Health Declining Among Disadvantaged American Adults (Scienceblog.com)

Mental health declining among disadvantaged American adults (Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University)

First Data from Anti-Aging Gene Therapy (The Scientist)

A Lab Test for Longevity? We're Not There Yet (Herald-Tribune)

Predicting Longevity in No Mystery (CBS News)

Predicting Longevity May Be Simpler Than Thought (WebMD.com)

Age and Mobility Predict Death Better than One's `Molecular Clock' (Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University)

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